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Being a builder can be a lonely existence. Builders are too often neglected, taken for granted and find it difficult to receive expert advice. Insurers, industry groups and regulators have all created an atmosphere of uncertainty and disillusion.

BEA is a place where builders are valued and understood. BEA represents builders who strive to be the best builders in the industry.

No More BWI Nightmare!

BEA has recently achieved some outstanding Builders Warranty Insurance outcomes for our builders. Our advice has allowed many clients to increase turnover and job size limits, improve profits and avoid nasty deeds and cash injections.

BEA has achieved these results by being the best in the industry. We give the best advice and have the best record at negotiating the best results for our builders. We are experts in BWI and as former builders we know what it is like to be in your shoes.

BEA Insurance Brokers

BEA Insurance Brokers is a sister company to BEA that has been created to streamline the insurance process for builders. Its development will provide an easier and more fluid process for builders to access all forms of insurance relating to their business.

BEA Insurance Brokers is a specialist broker for builders. We can take care of all your business insurance needs and provide unparalleled service and advice specific to the building industry. Give us a call today and let us assist you with any business insurance needs. 

PH. 03 9397 4075

View the testimonials below to see how BEA has directly helped builders and homeowners

For the builder

Registered builder

Watch Heath's story to see how BEA has improved his business and operations.

For the homeowner

Homeowner, Brighton

Watch Sarah's story to see how BEA can assist the process and increase satisfaction when building your own home.